Sentinel Rebreather

These are some basic details on what I've got.

It is SN: 104 and it had the original opto mod but not the better later wired one.
The cells are history and the HP sensors went silly so I put on the ordinary SPGs from my OC kit for one trip and took them off afterwards. I haven't put the opto-ones back or attempted to fault find what was up.
It has the old Posiedon(?) first stages and the OCB one is dodgy.

I've pinched the pocket and use it on my new Inspo so that's gone.
I experimented with stands and harnesses and it currently has a load of Kent Tooling kit on it. This improved things but I have most the original bits, well maybe not all the harness sections.

I even have the blue crate and the nice zip wallet to keep your spares in. Also the download kit. I bought a lot of spares when I got it and they are still in there.

Oh and the two cylinders will be out of test.