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The Windows Blender program was born out of my need to mix accurate 300bar Nitrox and Trimix fills in the face of strident claims that "It can't be done". Well it can be done and I'm doing it routinely. For and explanation of how see Van der Waals.

Please note: The current program uses depth in meters of sea water, volume in litres and pressure in bar. Currently there are no plans for a ft, cu ft and psi version. Ever.

Download from wBlender, unzip it and copy the files to a PC in the C:\Program Files\Nigel\ tree (or something like that). I haven't writen an installer as copying files isn't that hard that I expect people who use the web to find gas blending programs will have trouble with it. Sorry but the help is old style. You can download the reader from M$oft but they don't include it any more.

Most of the operational details are in the attached help files so click the ? in the top right hand corner of the frame and then click the thing you want to know about for a quick pointer or read the whole help file from begining to end for details.
The prime features are the Dive plan box to confirm your selected mix for the dive is reasonable and not a typo an then the Initial tank details as tanks always have something in them and you paid for it so at least try and use it. Once you have those details fill in the Desired tank values and press Enter anywhere and the Instructions box will be repainted.
The Supply tank values are only needed if you are poor like me and only have one supply bottle of each so the system can help you trim down the starting tank to make things work and to help you work out how much it cost you so you can annoy the other people on the boat who had to go to the shop.

For some reason people always seem to lose the instructions that tell them how to switch Nitrox/Trimix. Hint: It's on the system menu, a right click on the icon in the top left of the dialog will reveal all - or help on the tank icon in the Instructions panel.

Help Screen Shot
1.17 Add error messages for silly requests.
1.18 Addition of free gas litres to final total.
1.19 Fix a typo in VdW constants.
1.20 Add Print option to the system menu.
1.21 Add belending tables
1.22 Convert to M$oft Visual Studio
1.23 Fix assumption of 20°C on final gas quantities
Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2

All programs here ©Copyright Nigel V. Hewitt 2000/15. No promises that they work or even give safe results are made. They are free and worth nothing more than that. If anybody tries to charge you for them, other than a reasonable price for the media they are supplied on, then demand your money back in an unreasonable and unfriendly manner. You use them at your own risk as part of range of diving tools - do not use any results without independent corroberation that they are safe.

I will not provide software like this that I do not use and test myself so please do not ask for other OS versions.

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